How can robots influence in our future?

-Since a long time ago we have been thinking about making our routine easier. It means that, people have been trying constantly to develop a way to make it happen. And as time goes on we are getting closer to that objective. Having advantages and disadvantages, robots bring on a lot of controversy.

-Technological innovations were introduced to us, improving the way we use our time. In 2015, Sophia was showed to the world as a step to the future, being the first robot to have a citizenship. We also have some clear evidences of their importance on this world, as we can see, with automatic pilot, cellphones, and all the technology around us. All of this contributes to make our lives easier and more practical. As robotics markets grow, people get more into a comfort zone, but do we really need that?

-We cannot think that this comfort zone is a good way of life, even if the robots looks like something that is going to help us, we have to balance the technological evolution with a healthy life. When this is done, we are lining up the humans with the technology in a correct way, stepping in the future.

Texto - Escrito pelos alunos formandos 2018 - Bernar Avila, Gabriel Ribeiro, Arthur Faraco e Pedro Moraes.

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